On Tuesday, July 21, 2015,  BREC was joined by Walk-On’s and LSU Coach Johnny Jones as they dedicated a new outdoor basketball court at BREC’s Expressway Park. The park is located at 935 South 11th Street and features a playground, recreation center, picnic areas, a practice football field, and a trailhead to the Downtown Greenway. The outdoor basketball court was made possible through the generosity of Walk-On’s and Coach Johnny Jones’ Courts for Kids program.

Funds raised through the Courts for Kids golf tournament went toward the construction of the court. The total cost of the project was $22,000. The Courts for Kids program’s mission is to refurbish courts in local communities around Louisiana. This particular court was formerly a tennis court that has been refurbished and made into one full basketball court and one half basketball court. Other new amenities include new fencing, new basketball goals, bleachers, and a newly painted surface featuring both the BREC and Walk-On’s logos showing this great partnership.

Projects such as this outdoor basketball court provide great recreational opportunities for local residents.  The benefits of recreation are endless for individuals as well as their families including building family bonds, enhancing the lives of people with illnesses or disabilities, and contributing to a healthier community. Parks can have positive impacts on society improving the way we live through participation in recreational activities. At the ribbon cutting BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight said, “Recreational activities bring neighbors together, encourage safer, cleaner neighborhoods and create a livelier community atmosphere.”

The Walk-On’s court is just one of many changes to Expressway Park. Recently the park saw improvements to the recreation center, playground area, and the Downtown Greenway trailhead was dedicated earlier this year. More improvements are planned including additional picnic areas, shade tree planting, additional bleachers and lighting to the practice football field, exercise equipment, and a crosswalk art project.