Zachary Community Park Adds Inclusive Amenities

With the completion of the new Zachary Community Park playground, we have the opportunity as a community to add a second playground that is accessible to all children.  With this future phase every child will be able to experience the thrill of going down a slide, chasing siblings and friends, and just spending a day playing at the park. 

There will be many features not found on a typical community playground such as: a raised sand area, adapted swings including both swings for larger children in need of additional support and a vestibular swing, slides with a hill to make it accessible for all, sensory friendly areas for kids that get easily overstimulated including a hideout chamber, a tricycle path, and a fully fenced area with only one entrance/exit.  In addition there are multiple learning opportunities including: a musical area, a gas station, and a grocery store/restaurant.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together to support play and learning opportunities for all Zachary and the surrounding area children!