The Turner Visitors Center at Magnolia Mound

The Magnolia Mound Master Plan process illustrated the need for a new visitor center. Currently, a 1960’s suburban house serves as the visitor center. This house is in a less than ideal location for beginning the public’s interaction with the site. The new visitor center will be ideally located and better suited for visitors to begin their tours and interaction with the site. The Turner Visitor Center will house the museum gift shop and will feature a mini-theater for an introductory film about the historic property, a large meeting room for receptions and exhibits about the history of Magnolia Mound. The new facility will be approximately 4,200 square feet and sited partially below grade on the edge of the mound so that it disappears into the landscape. It will have an eco-friendly green grass roof.

The new center will allow expansion of educational outreach programs by allowing larger groups to come to the site and be served in the education rooms.  It will incorporate modern technology to educate the public on the past and what it means for the future and increase our ability to serve individuals with handicaps in a new highly accessible building.

Each year Magnolia Mound welcomes 14,000 visitors and 3,000 school children to the 1790’s Creole House and this new center will serve to welcome them to the property.