Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been... I have great faith in a seed... and I am prepared to expect wonders.
— Henry David Thoreau

At the BREC Foundation we gather seeds from which wonders can spring.  Thoreau gathered strength and inspiration from the beauty of nature around him.

It is an exciting time in parks and recreation in East Baton Rouge Parish.  Citizens are beginning to see the first fruits of BREC’s (the Recreation and Park Commission of East Baton Rouge Parish) “Imagine Your Parks” redevelopment plan. From improvements to Santa Maria and Webb golf courses, the revitalized City Park, to the first ever dog park, the hopes and dreams of the public are being realized.  In the midst of this activity, there are challenges.  As with many organizations, the dollars allocated are not enough in the wake of the hurricanes and changing economic times.

The BREC Foundation is charged with fund development efforts to complement the work of BREC.  While some donations have been made in the past to BREC directly, there are contributors who would prefer to give to a nonprofit organization that adheres to established practices and procedures.  Capital projects, for instance, can be achieved in a timely manner by building public-private partnerships; funds earmarked by BREC can be augmented with support from local, regional and national sources as well as the philanthropic and business community.